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The derrickhand’s main responsibilities are performing tasks up in the derrick and operating the pump under direction from the driller and Rig Manager. This involves inspecting the derrick and crown, and maintaining good housekeeping and maintenance in and around the pump and tank. The derrickhand works alone a lot of the time, however, there are times when the floorhands will assist. In these times, the derrickhand will organize, lead and guide the floorhands to help complete a specific job, while always following all safe work procedures. Overall, the derrickhand plays an important role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the rig. 


The ideal person for this position is someone who has experience in rig drilling and has strong attention to detail and communication skills. They should have a deep understanding of safe work procedures and be able to effectively train and teach others. Additionally, the ideal candidate should be able to work independently much of the time. They should also be an advocate for safe working conditions. Overall, the derrickhand should be a reliable and safety-conscious worker who can effectively operate the pump and tank and perform tasks up in the derrick while ensuring a safe and efficient work environment.


Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Perform all duties for any work up in the derrick. (i.e. running tubing and rods)

  • Inspect the derrick/crown for electrical, air, deformities or cracks while climbing the derrick 

  • Operate the pump and tank under direction from the driller and the Rig Manager.

  • Maintain good housekeeping and maintenance in and around the pump and tank

  • Lead and train the floorhands in tasks performed together and provide them instruction.

  • Rig up and rig out the pump, tank, line pipe and securing devices.

  • Follow all of Victory Well Servicing Ltd. standards for safe work procedures as they are set forth in the Health & Safety manual and the Safe Work Procedures manual.

  • Report all near miss and incidents and any unsafe working conditions to the Driller or Rig Manager

  • Be an advocate for safe working conditions and be aware of any unsafe work requests and the right to refuse unsafe work.

  • Ensure all fall protection devices and equipment is operating at manufacturers’ specifications.


Additional Job Details:

  • Education or Training Required: 

    • Must have knowledge of operating and maintaining rig pumps (reverse units)

    • Commercial driver’s licence (class 1 or 3) would be ideal but is not required

  • Years of Experience: 2+ years of experience

  • Location of Position: West Texas 

  • Working Conditions:

    • Travel Requirements: must have a valid passport with the ability to obtain a work visa. Victory Well Servicing will assist with and pay for the visa application. Victory Well Servicing will cover flights to and from the work site for the on-shift days.   

    • Housing: accommodations and meals while on shift are paid for.

      • Subsistence pay is provided for local residents (days worked). 

    • Shift Schedule: 20 days on and 10 days off, 12 hours per day 

    • PPE is provided 

  • Additional Compensation Package: 

    • Health insurance benefits

Why work for Victory Well Servicing?

At Victory Well Servicing, we offer a unique work environment that combines professionalism and enjoyment. Our employees have the opportunity to work in the exciting energy field that provides them with the freedom to explore their full potential. Our work schedule provides consistency and predictability, allowing our employees to have a great work-life balance. In many positions we offer a 20 days on / 10 days off schedule, providing a consistent schedule that allows employees to grow their career and still spend valuable time with family and friends outside of working hours. 


Our commitment to training, organization and efficiency makes us an ideal place for those who want to be home as much as possible while still having a consistent and competitive income. We create well-trained, dedicated teams on regular rotations, providing highly professional and skilled crews to our clients. This lets us be more efficient and work safer. Join our team, and you will experience a workplace that is both fun and professional, with many opportunities for growth and advancement. 


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