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Health & Safety

Company-wide Accountability

The Victory Well Servicing management team provides active leadership on a daily basis to strongly reinforce our commitment to always provide a safe and healthy working environment. This firm commitment also extends to every member of our highly professional team. Everyone that works for or on behalf of Victory Well Servicing is always expected to follow established practices and procedures regarding safe working practices. They are held entirely responsible and accountable when it comes to health and safety, whether these practices and procedures are the policy of Victory Well Servicing or government regulatory bodies. This also applies to any and all operations conducted for either the company or on behalf of its clients.



We firmly believe that the ongoing adherence to strictly enforced health and safety practices and environmental protection measures are in the best interests of our company, employees, clients, and the general public.

Victory Well Servicing Ltd. regards the continuous promotion of Health and Safety practices to be in the best interest of the company, our employees, our clients and the public. We are committed to protecting our employees, our clients, our physical assets, the environment and the public from incremental loss. We recognize our responsibility for worker safety and operate under the Petroleum Industry Guiding Principles for Worker Safety. Victory Well Servicing Ltd. shall comply with all government regulations as required.

The Victory Well Servicing Management Team through active leadership will provide a safe and healthy work environment. Employees of Victory Well Servicing are responsible and accountable to follow established company and regulatory safe work practices and procedures. This responsibility applies to any and all operations being conducted for the company or its clients. We promote and recognize that it is through active participation of our employees that Safety Programs are improved and maintained.

We empower all employees to join us in a personal commitment to creating a safe and healthy work environment.