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Our People

Industry  innovation and new and improving technology our only part of our award winning team leading the way through an ever evolving market. We all think like champions regardless what part of the world we are in or from. We continually strive to be the “Best of the Best!” in the highly competitive resource sector. We offer our players the best opportunities to be a part of a great team that continues to evolve and grow together with the latest technology and rig servicing equipment  available. Our forward thinking approach along with our high performance teams and equipment continue to deliver the best results for our clients.

Our Management Team


Jon Schroter

Jon Schroter, President, is recognized for his exceptional execution and his commitment to getting the job done properly and efficiently without cutting corners. He oversees operations, rolling up his sleeves to ensure each client’s ultimate success.

John Anderson

Senior Vice President/Director Health, Safety, and Environment

John Anderson, Senior Vice President/Director of Health, Safety, and Environment, is in charge of health and safety management along with onboarding, coaching, mentoring, and training the company’s entire field team.

Marc Rampaul

Vice-President, Business Development

Marc Rampaul, Vice President of Business Development, oversees all aspects of sales and marketing including prospecting, pricing, strategy, budgeting, account management, and operational alignment. Marc is responsible for identifying new business opportunities, building and maintaining successful relationships with prospects and clients, and evaluating business performance while maximizing business potential.

Colin Conlin

Operations Manager

Colin Conlin, Operations Manager, oversees day-to-day crews, ensures proper health and safety etiquette on all rigs, and helps clients reach their goals. 

Stephan Schroter

Personnel Manager/Special Projects

Stephan Schroter, Personnel Manager/Special Projects, manages all aspects of personnel including recruiting, onboarding, training, scheduling, and termination.

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