Industry  innovation and new and improving technology our only part of our award winning team leading the way through an ever evolving market. We all think like champions regardless what part of the world we are in or from. We continually strive to be the “Best of the Best!” in the highly competitive resource sector. We offer our players the best opportunities to be a part of a great team that continues to evolve and grow together with the latest technology and rig servicing equipment  available. Victory is leading the way with new high performance technologies that include Artificial Intelligence development and advancement. Our forward thinking approach along with our high performance teams and equipment continue to deliver the best results for our clients.

Our Management Team

The Visionary

Jon Schroter


Jon has more than 30 years experience in oil well servicing, including 20 years in progressively advanced management roles. 


From 1989 to 2006, Jon was the Operations Manager at Grizzly Well Servicing Inc. and was involved in the development of a high functioning well servicing company. John was involved in the construction of  infrastructure and in implementing and monitoring the performance of a field expansion from 15 to 25 rigs.


 in 2006, in conjunction with the ownership group, Jon took the company to market and the subsequent sale generated a generous return on the initial investment. 


Jon then formed a partnership with Silverstar Well Servicing as the General Manager, expanding the company to 17 rigs. In 2011, once again as part of the ownership group, John took the company to market and the sale of Silverstar Well Service again received a substantial return on investment.


Jon served as chairman of the CAODC Service Rig Division in 2010 and has also been a member of the CAODC Executive Committee. His determination, dedication, and attention to detail to ensure compliance with policies and budgets


while optimizing operations and achieving cost effective results all reinforce his reputation as an exceptional businessman and company president. 

John Anderson

Senior Vice President / Director Health, Safety, Environment

John has more than 35 years experience in the upstream oil and gas industry. Starting out in the mid seventies as a roughneck, John worked his way up in the drilling and completions industry,  working as a rig manager and in operations management, before becoming a partner in a service rig company. For the last 15 years, John has worked in a leadership role as a health and safety professional. John has been developing, growing, and overseeing health and safety management systems, in addition to coaching, mentoring, and building high performance teams. 


John’s aspirations led to him enrolling in the University of Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety program. He then furthered his education by joining the Executive Management Program at Queens’s University School of Business. 


Under John’s leadership, the companies at which he has worked have achieved several safety leadership awards, as well as the Alberta’s Best Employer’s Award. 

John has been an active participant in industry regulatory bodies, including the CAODC Recommended Practices Committee, the Industry Fatigue Management Steering Committee, and CAODC safety and technical committees. John also  chaired and developed the CAODC Directive # 33 for industry. 

Health and Safety

Sales and Marketing

Marc Rampaul

Vice President / Sales and Marketing

In 2001 Marc Rampaul arrived to Alberta to work in the Western Canadian oil patch after receiving a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), with a double major in International Business and Marketing, from the I.H. Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba. He then gained his certification in Production Accounting from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accountants.


Marc has a history of building a strong culture, leading and engaging his teams to work in a common direction to provide solutions designed to achieve growth and align with established core values.


Marc has extensive experience in providing well servicing solutions, partnering with companies including Devon, Suncor, and Pengrowth. He has established multiple beneficial business relationships focused on win win results through clear and decisive approaches with mutual understandings of all requirements and capabilities. Marc specializes in developing and fostering a collaborative approach with all parties to best utilize the services, designs, and the communications of the specialized high performance rigs that Victory Well Servicing pro


vides, including the operations and systems that are necessary to deliver innovative solutions that improve safety, efficiency, and growth through open and long-term trusted partnerships.

Colin Conlin

Field Supervisor

Colin began his industry career in 1979 with Widney Well Servicing as a floor hand. He eventually worked his way up to the position of Rig Manager and remained on the same rig for 17 years. Colin began working with Grizzly Well Servicing Inc. in 1997 and as a rig manager in the Imperial Oil fields of Judy Creek and Bonnie Glen. In 2001, he was promoted to Field Supervisor in 2001 and remained with the company until 2006.


Colin then assisted in the startup of Silverstar Well Servicing Ltd as Field Supervisor, until the sale of the company in 2011. He supported his crews throughout the sale period and stayed with them until July 2014, when he accepted the position of Field Supervisor with Victory Well Servicing Ltd.


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