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Health, Safety and Environment

We firmly believe that the ongoing adherence to strictly enforced health and safety practices and environmental protection measures are in the best interests of our company, employees, clients, and the general public.


Victory Well Servicing is fully committed to the safety of the workplace, wherever that may be, and the protection of our employees, our clients, the environment, and our physical assets and equipment from any incremental losses that might occur during the conduct of our operations.

We recognize our responsibility for worker safety and operate under the Petroleum Industry Guiding Principles for Worker Safety. Wherever we operate around the world, Victory Well Servicing consistently operates in compliance with all appropriate government regulations and local laws regarding health and safety. 

Company Wide Accountability

The Victory Well Servicing management team provides active leadership on a daily basis to strongly reinforce our commitment to always provide a safe and healthy working environment. This firm commitment also extends to every member of our highly professional team. Everyone that works for or on behalf of Victory Well Servicing is always expected to follow established practices and procedures regarding safe working practices. They are held entirely responsible and accountable when it comes to health and safety, whether these practices and procedures are the policy of Victory Well Servicing or government regulatory bodies. This also applies to any and all operations conducted for either the company or on behalf of its clients.

Partnership and Participation

We believe that the active participation of our employees in this manner helps to ensure that health and safety programs are effectively maintained and improved if necessary. We encourage all our employees to develop a deep personal commitment to the establishment of a safe and healthy work environment during the course of every project in which they are involved.

Environmental Protection

Victory Well Servicing is dedicated to sustaining natural resources and the Earth’s environment for future generations. As an industry leader, we are well aware that we can always do more, are able to influence others in our industry and act as a positive example. Every member of our team has an obligation to conduct our business operations with the clear objective of preventing


environmental damage or contamination. We are fully committed to taking all reasonable steps necessary to prevent any damage to the environment during

the completion of our projects. Whenever possible, we aim to leave every site in even better condition than it was in before the commencement of our project.

Environmental Impact Planning

We are always actively engaged in reducing our direct impact on the environment and minimizing our carbon footprint during our various projects. Victory Well Servicing recognizes that the nature of our business will inevitably entail some form of impact on the surrounding environment during our operations. For the duration of all our projects, we continually evaluate our business and practices regarding any and all environmental impacts associated with the Victory’s operations, before, during, and after completion of our projects. We consistently recycle materials whenever appropriate, support green initiatives, and attempt to limit, reduce or eliminate waste generation, in the communities where we work.

Environmental Compliance

Victory Well Servicing and its employees and contractors consistently strive to comply to the best of their ability with all applicable laws and regulations governing environmental protections in every region in which we do business.


We firmly believe that each of our employees is responsible for assessing the potential impact on the local environment of their specific duties and all related equipment, materials and chemicals, prior to the commencement of any Victory Well Servicing project.

Corrective Action

In the unlikely event of environmental damage caused by the company as a result of normal business operations, this will always be rectified in a timely and efficient manner. We completely accept our responsibilities in this area and the paramount importance of environmental protection in conjunction with sustainable development in the resource sector.

Emergency Response

Should emergency response measures need to be undertaken due to a serious incident, Victory Well Servicing will always notify their clients and all applicable


governing and regulatory agencies immediately and act in accordance with all the required policies and procedures.

Client Consultation

Clients of Victory Well Servicing will be always consulted regarding any equipment or process that may pose a hazard to the local environment during a project or in the course of operations. Clients will be fully informed of the nature of the risk and how any potential damage might occur. Consultations may also include recommendations related to precautions or handling procedures that are required to prevent or minimize damage to the environment.

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