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Victory Well Servicing is an industry leader in well completions and workovers. As the first and one of the only companies to provide full-packaged drill-out services, we pride ourselves on using our own equipment and dedicated, professionally trained staff. 


Our unique approach means simplifying your completion project with one company, and earning efficiencies by having better trained crews and a regular rotation of employees for increased familiarity and efficiency.


Services Offered

  • Well Completions

  • Workovers and Servicing (such as tube-ups, casing patches, pump changes, cleanouts)


We understand the importance of safety, efficiency, and productivity when it comes to well servicing. This is seen through our use of dedicated equipment and professional crews.


We prioritize the safety of our employees and clients at all times, by working more efficiently, not faster. By having dedicated teams that are properly trained, we eliminate or limit the areas on-site where different companies intersect to maintain a consistent company culture and ensure a safe work environment. Our commitment to safety is a big part of the culture at Victory Well Servicing.

Dedicated Team

Our bundled service with our own equipment and crews provides overall project simplicity, giving you one point of contact for scheduling, finances and overall communication. We understand that well completions are 24-hour operations, and we want to give you the peace of mind the job is being done effectively and safely, getting your wells up and running on time and on budget.

By working with Victory Well Servicing, you get a full-service team dedicated to completing your well. We are committed to providing our employees with training and opportunities for growth, ensuring we have the most professional and skilled crews in the industry. 


Using all our own industry-leading equipment, operated by our well-trained staff, increases the efficiency and safety of your operation. Working on consistent rotations and with familiar equipment leads to increased production for your wells, by reducing the risk of down time due to equipment damage or employee injury. 


By investing in our own fit for purpose equipment, we can deliver exceptional results for our clients while simultaneously minimizing the impact on the environment. Our packaged services allow us to provide tailored solutions for different applications, ensuring optimal efficiency and effectiveness for every project. 


Contact us today to learn more about how Victory Well Servicing can help you increase production from your wells.

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