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Power Swivel

A Power Swivel Makes Drilling Easier

Drilling a new oil well requires both the creation and removal of plenty of mud. This is typically done with the help of a swivel, which causes the drill string to turn. As with almost everything else, putting motorized power behind the process makes it go faster. This is where the power swivel comes in. Ideally, this piece of equipment replaces a rotary table.

Power swivels are used in both on- and offshore drilling operations. Electricity or hydraulic power can provide the energy needed to turn them, so they are more versatile than some other types of machines.

Another important piece of equipment needed for faster drilling is a pick-up and lay down machine. What these machines pick up and lay down are casing, drill pipe, collars, and other heavy oil well components. Using this type of machinery is much safer than moving these components manually since the risk of crew members dropping them on their feet is greatly reduced. Also, the risk of getting hernias is reduced when a powerful machine is doing the lifting. The chance of equipment damage due to stripped threads or pipe mishaps is similarly brought down.

In most cases, a pick up and lay down machine is mounted to a truck for use. This makes it easy to get it into position for most land-based jobs. The machines can also be skid-mounted.

Capacities for power swivels and pick up and lay down machines vary, so it's important to choose the right ones to meet your needs. Once you have the right equipment, you'll find that your drilling operations are faster, safer, and less likely to suffer equipment damages. It's well worth the investment to let machines do the work whenever possible. Doing so isn't just being fancy, it's being smart.

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